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Specialists in Ele‚Äčctric Bike Sales and conversion

Electric Bikes

An e-bike is an electrically assisted cycle. You can choose how much assistance you require and when, for example when going uphill or cycling against the wind, equally you can opt for constant assistance or to have the power off. The choice is yours. E-bikes take all the hard work out of cycling.


Who are e-bikes for?

  • E-bikes are for everyone over 14 years old.
  • E-bikes are especially helpful for anyone who hasn't cycled for sometime and wants to get fit.
  • E-bikes are great for anyone who loves cycling but now can't cycle as far due to reduced mobility.
  • E-bikes are great for commuting to work.

How long does it take to re-charge the battery?

  • This varies depending upon your battery type and size but usually around 4 hours.

Can I cycle in the rain?

  • Yes, e-bikes can be used in all weathers but deep water likely to submerge the bottom bracket should be avoided

Do I need a driving licence?

  • No need to have a driving licence

N.B. e-bikes must be limited to 15 mph and have a motor of no more than 250 watts.